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CES Hire Toolbox Talk: Engagement in the Workplace

Work engagement 1

‘We’re engaged!’; two words accompanied by a groan and eye roll whilst your wife lets out a shriek and the ‘girls’ WhatsApp chat goes wild with excitement and ridiculous giggles that you haven’t heard since your school days! And I’ll stop there; thankfully this is not a blog about putting-a-ring-on-it! Why are more of us not exclaiming ‘we’re engaged’ when it comes to our work lives.

CES Hire Toolbox Talk: Personal Competence

homer simpson

Are you deluded? The word competence is littered throughout legislation and health and safety documentation as it is such an important component in terms of keeping everyone safe at work. However the word incompetent perhaps is more reflective of work society today. How many of us know of a character similar to our yellow friend […]

CES Hire Toolbox Talk: Counter Terrorism

Keep Calm and Carry On Navy Blue

Keep calm and carry onThis may seem like a flippant comment, given that we see this this phrase littered over greetings cards, posters and fridge magnets. Ultimately this phrase encapsulates British spirit and the spirit that we must demonstrate in the face of terrorism. As terrorism seeks to interrupt the flow of everyday life and […]

CES Hire: Toolbox Talks Tuesday: CDM regulations

teamwork makes the dream work

Team Work Makes the Dream work How many times have you screamed at the TV when watching football (other sports are available) ‘just pass the ball’ or ‘he’s open, what are you doing you ***!’? Seemingly these overpaid footballers are more content to show off their so-called solo fancy footwork than actually work as a […]

ToolBox Talk Tuesday: Mental Health Awareness

work out your brain

Tackling mental health: It’s good to talk! Long supply chains, withheld payments, slim profit lines, pressure from customers, job insecurity and that’s just the stresses of work. Don’t forget there’s also the pressures from home, nags from your partner to fix the taps, oh and the don’t forget the living room needs painting, and then […]