Toolbox Talk Tuesday: Blue planet, Green planet, Our planet

Water and Energy Efficiency

blue planet 2 fish plastic 2If you didn’t watch David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, you’ll have heard about it on the grapevine/subsequent TV programmes/social media etc. Blue Planet certainly exploded and it was images like this one that got us all talking. It got your Average Joe considering how he could be more like the Great Sir David and do their bit to help the planet whether is grabbing your reusable coffee cup when you pop to your Costa (other coffee shops are available) or popping on that extra layer when you’re at work rather than leaving the engine running to keep you warm. This week’s toolbox talk is about about energy and water efficiency which needs to be a topic at the forefront of our minds when we work in an industry that it responding to the need for more housing and community buildings for the increasing population not just in the UK but all over the world. In India, for example, the population is estimated to reach 1400million by 2026, yet they are already experiencing a housing shortage. Closer to home in the UK, it is estimated that 340,000 new homes need to be built each year until 2031 to cope with the demand, so let’s ensure our resource usage is planned carefully so we don’t make an even bigger dent in our carbon footprint.




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Airless: It’ll take your breath away

Airless Plastering Machines

Airless 1

Airless plastering machines are having an exciting breakthrough onto the UK market and are certainly showing that they are they future. Whilst it appears that spray-applied plaster dominates on the continent, the UK is working hard to catch up and 2019 is certainly it’s year to shine. With a need for 230,000 tradespeople in UK by next year, the construction industry needs to consider methods to improve productivity. Contractors continue to be under increasing pressure, taking on many projects with ever more ambitious completion timings. Airless plastering may be the fast, flexible and effective solution companies are looking for.




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Toolbox Talk Tuesday: The pressure of cleaning

Washing down plant and equipment

Man cleaning

The pressure of cleaning is twofold, the pressure you get from the other half to pick up your stuff/to tidy up after yourself/to help out with the cleaning once in a while and secondly the pressure we’ll come on to with regards to today’s Toolbox Talk. Cleaning the house has never been an undertaking that interests the male population of the world. Donning the yellow marigolds, prancing around with a feather duster or head down the loo with a scourer is not something any man I know will willingly do and to be honest not a joy for many women either! Now we move on to the kind of pressure we like; put a pressure washer in the hand of a man and cleaning becomes a pleasure; I mean it’s a gadget that does the hard work for you, a dream for a guy and at the end of it you have a shiny car, sparkling patio or gleaming BBQ grill (ready to do the really manly job of head chef at the BBQ on your shiny pressure-washed patio!) This week’s Toolbox Talk is all about washing down equipment whether it be on site or in your own workshop.




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